Frequently Asked Questions


  • What can I expect when I attend my FREE first class at fabMamaKC?
    Expect a friendly group of Mamas, a great workout, and a lot of laughs! We pride ourselves on being all-inclusive and accommodating to all Mamas. Come try a class now! We promise that you’ll love it.
  • What do I need to bring to workouts?
    Please bring your kiddos in a stroller, a yoga mat, and a set of dumbbells. Once you have joined fabMamaKC, we will also get you a resistance tube and a mini band. Please keep those in your car. The weekly schedule will specify what equipment is needed for each workout.
  • Does my child have to stay in the stroller the whole time?
    The answer to this question varies based on your child’s age! If your baby needs to be fed, changed, held, etc. throughout the workout, you are absolutely welcome to tend to your child! We ask that crawlers and walkers (under 4) stay in the stroller for the duration of the workout. If they need out to be comforted or to go to the bathroom, that is completely fine to tend to them, but we ask that they don’t roam around during class. Children 4 and up are more than welcome to stay out of the stroller, but we ask that they don’t run through the area where Mamas are working. We wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt!
  • How difficult are the workouts?
    All fabMamaKC classes are created to span every fitness level. We accommodate Mamas that are pregnant, recently postpartum, and trying to take it to the next level in their fitness.
  • Do I have to pre-register for each fabMamaKC class?
    In the winter, yes! With the limited space of each indoor workout location, we ask that you do pre-register to come to a class. In the summer, not at all! The more, the merrier. Bring a friend… or two.
  • Can I join a class once it is in session?
    Absolutely! Come late, leave early, sit and tend to your kiddo through half of the class. One of the best parts about fabMamaKC is that we are all Mamas and we all get it.
  • Can I attend class if I am pregnant?
    YES! 100% yes! All classes are safe and effective for all trimesters of pregnancy. We also offer a prenatal specific virtual class called FitMama and that is included in every membership!
  • I just had a baby– when can I join a fabMamaKC workout?
    Ideally, we would love to have you wait for your doctor’s clearance at your 6-week postpartum appointment. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Our FitMama Postpartum series is created for Mamas that are less than 6-weeks postpartum. Also, if you want to just come to a workout to get out of the house– come!
  • What if I don’t have my kids with me for the workout?
    Come anyways. Kids are welcome, but not required at fabMamaKC workouts.
  • Weather Policy
    Summer: If the “Real Feel” is higher than 95*F, we will move inside.  Winter: if the “Real Feel” is lower than 45*F, we will move inside. If the Blue Valley School District closes school due to snow or ice, we will host a virtual workout.


  • What is the auto payment policy?
    Monthly membership dues are drawn via automatic payments on the 2nd of each month. This charge will show up on our bank account as mamaTribeKC, LLC.
  • How do I suspend or cancel my fabMamaKC membership?
    We allow Mamas to suspend their membership for up to 90 days for extenuating circumstances (injury, birth of a child, etc.). Please email to coordinate the details of suspending your account. If you do suspend your account and then decide to cancel, you will still be required to give a 30-day cancellation notice. We do require a 30-day notice to cancel your membership. Cancellation notices are due on the last day of each month.
  • What is included in my membership?
    fabMamaKC offers classes six days/week and also hosts regular play dates for the kiddos and Moms’ Night Outs without the kiddos. We also have an amazing online community called the mamaTribe.
  • What if I am not able to commit to a full fabMamaKC monthly membership?
    That’s ok! We offer drop-in classes for $10 each. Just book the class on the “Fitness” tab and choose a single class. Prior to attending a drop-in class, you will be required to pay the one-time $50 registration fee (so we can get you your equipment.) .


  • Once I end my membership with fabMamaKC, will I be kicked out of the mamaTribe?
    Absolutely not! You’re stuck with us for life, Mama!! If a play date or MNO event works for your schedule, come! It’ll be great to catch up.
  • If I am not a current fabMamaKC member, am I allowed to participate in the philanthropy events?
    100%, yes! We’d love to have you join us in supporting local KC moms.